1. Well known free SEO services:


2. SEO Tip:
When searching for back links it’s important to pay attention to the DA (Domain Authority Index) more than to PA. 
Sometimes it’s better to have a back link from a low PA but high DA page rather than linking to a high PA page with low DA.

3. Periodic table of SEO factors:пдф4. SEO Factors – Very useful when it comes to analyzing links. 

5. Site to make your site markups better – from major SEs:

Ultimately, my guess it that the SERP will probably end up looking like Yahoo’s home page…except all of the news stories, images, videos, product feeds, links, tools, etc. will be related to the query the searcher just typed in.


3. TWITTER NEW PROMO APPLICATION– можно попробовать использовать это приложение. Типа Smonster, только также предлагает ретвиты. Можно использовать когда делаем твитты о новых продуктах.4. Twitter services to control followers

5. STORE ON FACEBOOK –> Really interesting. I think we should give it a try and see what happens. Good store and facebook page is great for ranking as well.

6. How to use Google Analytics to measure Facebook ROI:


7. CREATE FAQ, Contact Us and User Guide section at FACEBOOK;


1. Import and Xpath XML functions in Google Spreadsheets:
=importXML(““, “//a[@class=’l’]/@href”)


Use to promote contests,  giveaways and coupons (NOT FREE – they take % each coupon) –
pw: canbera1991List of Facebook Apps to be considered: