1. Domain Name Length

Starting with some simple ones, an obvious negative correlation is the domain name length, 0.07. This is kind of an obvious one. If you had a domain,, this tends to rank better in search results than something like Now again, correlation does not equal causation. We can think of a lot of reasons for this. For example,, that’s probably a much older domain name. It’s probably been around for 10 years, has a lot of back links going to it. kind of looks a little spammy. It is probably not something that is going to earn a lot of links. By the way, if you go ahead and look at these correlation statistics, dashes actually are another negative factor. The more hyphens a domain name has, that is actually another negative correlation factor. That doesn’t mean you can’t use long domain names. It just means they tend to not do as well from what we observed.

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