Google launched a new site where site owners can submit specific URLs to be crawled by Google bot.

“When Should You Use The New URL Submission Feature?

XML Sitemaps are still the best way to provide a comprehensive list of URLs to Google and a solid internal link architecture and external links to pages through your site is still the best way to encourage Google to crawl and index those pages.

However, this new feature is ideal for situations when you launch a new set of pages on your site or have major updates. Google also notes you can use this feature to speed up URL removal or cache updates.

You can submit up to 50 URLs a week (although the UI seems to have a bug that starts you with 28). You can also submit the crawled URL and all pages linked from that URL, but those submissions are limited to 10 per month. A common use of that latter option would be when you have launched a new section of your site.”

Vanessa Fox, (